Why should you use First Years and invest in your future?

First Years believes that every child should have access to a high quality early education program. As early educators ourselves, our team have seen first hand how vital this is for the children’s first years of development.

We know what quality looks like. Quality isn’t expensive. Quality isn’t more. Quality is about passion, commitment, knowledge and a love of educating children. Everything we do is based on our team’s genuine passion, commitment, knowledge and love towards education. We are advocates for children and their rights, for early education services and staff and for the families who’s children attend them. We understand the struggles early childhood services have and we want to provide the highest quality, practical solutions so they can continue to support the children, staff and the families of their services.

Our team have extensive knowledge in the early education sector as educators, centre directors, TAFE assessors, university lecturers/researchers and more. This knowledge is what guarantees that the information you receive is of high quality and reflects current best practice. We have strong knowledge of current regulations and laws, the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework, which means that we can provide you quality work that meets all of these things.

Setting up a day care centre takes a great deal of time management and industry knowledge to ensure all Government legalities and regulations are met. Coordinating all the aspects to build a successful business from paperwork to construction, lesson planning to staffing is a daunting task for anyone. First Years is able to use its extensive experience and knowledge to help you fast-track these processes without any compromise on quality or standards.

Existing Day Care

As you know, each service is required to display their NQF rating and this is published on government websites for the public to view. Our exclusive 3 STEP SYSTEM will help you achieve the higher rating you really need to give better care for your children.

New Long Day Care

Here at First Years we will take all the pain out of the detailed and sometimes complicated processes in setting up your day care business. Our exclusive 5 STEP SYSTEM will keep the process simple and easy to understand.

New Family Day Care

Family day care refers to childcare provided by a network of individuals who provide care in their own homes for other people’s children. Family day care can be provided on an all-­day, part-­time, outside school hours.

We will keep you informed of every step of the process. When you join First Years you will become a member with a secure personalised web page to view all reports, feedback and requests – everything you need to keep all your information in one convenient place!

Your project information package

We will keep you informed of every step in the process. When you join First Years you will become a member with your secure centralised and personalised web page to provide you access to all updates, anticipated timeframes, processes, reports, feedback, requests etc. A personalised information package will be created for you to keep track and easily follow your project from start to finish.
  • Over the dedicated timeline of the project we will deliver everything contained in our simple step-by-step system.
  • You will receive a highly secure login for your project where we can communicate all information pertaining to your projects needs.
  • After each step (and processes in each step) are completed you will be notified by email and your checklist will be updated in your login area.
  • You can login anytime to view the progress of your project. You will also have a direct support email form on your page if you need to ask any questions. If you’d prefer to call, your project manager will also be available to chat.


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