Our simple 5 step setup takes you from start to finish and offers ongoing support. Leave all the hard work to First Years saving you time and money.


Provider approval

On acceptance of our service, First Years will apply for provider approval, on your behalf… First Years will fill out the necessary paperwork, lodge claims and follow up with regulatory bodies until approval is granted. We will be inn touch on a regular basis with updates on this process. This process can take 2-4 weeks depending on individual requirements


Service approval

All early childhood education and care services need to gain service approval from their state regulatory authority before the building and operation of a service commences. There are certain legislative and regulatory requirements that must be met before this approval is granted. There is a range of information that needs to be submitted for this approval and your First Years project manager will ensure that it gets filed in a prompt time frame.

Once your service has been approved and is operational, it will be assessed and rated by your state regulatory authorities against 7 quality areas, 18 standards, and 58 elements that make up the NQS. On completion of the assessment, your services rating is published for the public to access. It is important to ensure you achieve the highest rating possible, as this builds the reputation for your centre. First Years will help you achieve this!



Project management

As Family day care is often provided in a private residence of the educator, changes may need to be made to the layout of the home or the outside space, in order to provide a quality program to the children. Your First Years project manager will work with the architect, builders and landscapers to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible for you.


Family day care educators generally work individually with a maximum of four children under the age of 5. However, if you intend to hire an assistant or want to have an on call casual for those unexpected times you can’t be on the floor, First Years will find the right person for you.




Under the Education and Care Services State and National regulations, each Centre is required to have policies and procedures in relation to a range of matters. First Years will write these policies and procedures to meet the individual needs of the service and ensure the highest possible NQF rating.

The ability to operate a successful, high quality early education centre begins with having high quality, passionate staff. As mentioned above, we will take care of this aspect as well.

We will work with director and staff to implement a quality educational program that supports individual children and reflects the EYLF and the NQF, including a quality improvement plan well into the future.


It is important that your branding and marketing clearly and strongly demonstrates the foundations of your business and the driving force behind your commitment to quality education and care. Just because you care for children, doesn’t mean your branding and marketing tools should look childish. In fact, quite the opposite. It should demonstrate your innovation, your passion and your commitment to children’s development and care. . Your logo and website are often the first things people will use to base an opinion on with respect to your business. Old fashioned, childish, ill-considered or unprofessional logos or websites may be sending your families the wrong idea about what your centre stands for and takes pride in. They want to know you are ahead of the game. It gives them confidence that you know your business.


We understand that every early childhood service runs differently and that there is different software to assist with the day-to-day running. We will recommend packages to help administer and control all the day-to-day running of your business including integrating your government obligations under their rebate schemes into your childcare management system software. Don’t forget desktop programs for word processing, reporting, emails, accounting, payroll, rostering and student software specifically designed for centres such as yours. We can even design and integrate your own centres app for daily/weekly communication with parents!




Your project is finished and you are the proud owner of an accredited, innovative and vibrant early education service.

Everything will be finished and ready for your grand opening. Time to celebrate this amazing journey and your new and exciting future.


As part of our commitment to the setup of your service, we provide a six-month period in which a First Years consultant will be available to help with any teething issues that may arise. During our six-month support period, you will have phone and email support, as well as two on site visits. Whatever the issue or if you just need to talk, we will be there.

We will keep you informed of every step of the process. When you join First Years you will become a member with a secure personalised web page to view all reports, feedback, requests, everything you need to keep all your information in one spot!

Start your NEW day care centre project today!

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