We are here to simplify the processes

Involved with setting up new centres, servicing existing day care centres and ongoing management for all services.

Our History

First Years Day Care Consulting Australia began operating in 2015 with the intent of providing quality advice and expert industry knowledge to the Early Education sector. Our commitment first and foremost is to children. We believe in the importance of those First Years of a child’s life to their future development. Our job as Early Educators is to help plant the seed for future knowledge, a sense of enquiry, strong relationships and self confidence. Our vision is simply to provide every child in Australia with quality early education and care.

To achieve this vision, we work with our clients to understand and develop quality education and care for their children and families. Our processes ensure you have all the skills and facilities necessary to ensure you are providing a quality program for the children attending your centre.  We will help your service receive formal accreditation so your quality education and care is properly recognised.

Our Culture

We understand and respect that each of our clients are unique and different and our approach to them is equally unique. By working closely together we embrace your individuality and accommodate for your own ambitions, limitations or individual circumstances for your new centre startup or your existing centre. We also understand that the families that utilise the service and the local community play a massive role to an early education service and care. Understanding and working to their needs, desires and aspirations for their children is equally important to us and the service we provide you.

Our Philosophy

To be honest,  it’s about the children. We are driven by an ambition to ensure all children have access to safe, engaging, inspiring and fun centres to learn and grow with. Children naturally want to learn, explore and communicate and our mission is to foster this through the centres we help establish and assist.

We also want to help parents understand that early educators and carers play an important role in their children’s development. Your role is not just “babysitting”. We want the parents to understand your passion to nurture and educate the children. To enable this, parents need to see a centre committed to implementing programs and policies based on best practice and sound research. And this is where we can help you also.

Our Approach

We believe in working with you on a step-by-step basis to help create or transform your day care centre into one built on the foundations of best practice, but individually tailored to your environment, your needs and your attending families.

For new services, we keep you updated every step of the way and work along side you to ensure each decision reflects your vision. At the end of the day, this is your project and we want you to feel comfortable and happy with the final product. Therefore, we will never do anything that you are not 100% happy with.

For existing services, one of our project managers will work with your management committee, walk through your service and talk to relevant stakeholders to gather a whole picture of your service. Quite often the simple ideas are the most effective and these ideas can often get lost behind expensive resources. We at First Years strive to teach services how they can achieve a higher rating through simple practices that can be easily imbedded into the service. This ranges from teaching practices to sourcing appropriate, open-ended resources that allow children to fully engage in a range of learning opportunities. All our recommendations will be presented in a report, which outlines your services strengths and areas for improvement.

Our Team

Our  team of eight have a wide range of experience in the Early Education, Care and Business sectors. As well as their roles at First Years, they also hold employment positions as TAFE assessors, directors, educators and university lecturers. Each member of our team has unique skills that are implemented into each project we undertake. Our staff hold several degrees in Education, Business and Law, including two PhD’s and many sector relevant certificates. We believe this is critical in ensuring our team possess a wide range of skills in a variety of areas that enable us to assure your service is receiving the best and latest knowledge available

Our team regularly attends professional development seminars to ensure that the information provided to your project is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.