First Years Early Childhood Management offers a range of management service for all centres.

We support the Nominated Supervisor of an approved Early Education Service as well as full Centre Management with our Provider Approval Number. We understand the scope of this role entails many different aspects and we are here to manage all the nitty gritty stuff, so we can get on with educating and supporting the children, families and staff who reside within the service.

New and Existing day care centres, we have you covered!

Below is an overview at the different jobs the Nominated Supervisor may undertake on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is important to note the many roles of the Nominated Supervisor and Educational leader and the tasks that the individual Nominated Supervisors take on varies from service to service, depending on practices. We will be able to tailor a solution that best suits the needs of the centre.

We also offer full Centre Management using our Provider Approval Number. This allows us to take care of ALL service management to ensure the most efficient centre possible.

So no matter if you are a New Centre Startup or an established Existing Centre, we offer tailored solutions to help your centre happily grow. Let’s have a chat to see what suits you best!

Role of the Nominated Supervisor


Financial Management

Childcare attendance management


Compliance management

Management of Staff

Recruitment Rosters (weekly)

Education and performance

Staff development

Grievance management

Leadership general requirements

Educational Leader role

First Years Consulting can also offer support and mentoring to the Educational Leader. This can often be a daunting task as it is a large role to play, however with the proper support and mentoring, we ensure that your Educational Leader is capable and confident to undertake the role and support other educators.

The jobs of the educational leader include, but not limited to:

Establish and maintain positive professional relationships with colleagues

Provide educational leadership supported by pedagogical practice to ensure the team is engaged in providing best practice within the learning frameworks

Coach and mentor educators to support children’s learning

support a process of continuous enquiry, reflection and improvement

Support the facilitation of high quality teaching and learning for children in a service

Initiate team discussions to collaborate with team members to develop and review centre curriculum and teaching/learning resources drawing on a deep understanding of educational theory and practice

Collaborate and work with parents and families as partners in children’s learning

Ensure that reviews and evaluation of the centre’s working programme are scheduled and undertaken in a timely and consistent manner

Keep abreast of current research and willingly share this information with colleagues

Ensure that clear goals are developed through a collaborative approach with regard to curriculum and pedagogy