Our simple system

Our review, recommendations and implementation reports can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

First Years Consulting Day Care Start Up Australia
Centre review
First Years Consulting Day Care Start Up Australia
Centre report
First Years Consulting Day Care Start Up Australia
Centre implementation

A bit more detail, how and what we will do for you and your centre



First Years is here to support current services reach the highest possible NQF rating. In doing so, a First Years consultant will conduct a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your existing policies, procedures and programs, as well as a physical audit of the Centre’s environment to identify opportunities for improvement. First Years will observe the practices of the service in relation to the 7 quality areas of the NQS which are;

  1. Educational program and practice.
  2. Children’s health and safety.
  3. Physical environment.
  4. Staffing arrangements.
  5. Relationships with children.
  6. Collaboration partnerships with families and communities.
  7. Leadership and service management.

First Years will look at all these areas and write a report to highlight areas of strength and areas for improvement. Everything First Years observe links to certain elements of the standards. To gather a better understanding of the service and how it operates, we will talk to director, staff and children/families (if applicable). 

First Years will also review your centres business profile and how the public perceives your business. This will include a review of your business branding and online presence. A huge part of successful businesses is building customer confidence and “first impressions” do count. We will advise on how you can build a strong brand.

Using our industry knowledge and guided by best practice, First Years will develop a list of areas that need improving, in relation to the NQF. We will then provide you with your centres “Review Report” identifying areas for you to achieve a higher rating.



After our initial report, using the information gathered from the visit, First Years will write a step by step guide on how the service can better perform in the highlighted areas. This will be different for every service and may be that the educational program is adult led and does not reflect the interests of the children. This guide will be thorough and will be listed in an urgent, semi urgent and when your ready type format, so it breaks down what changes need to be made first. This list will also take into account the children and the financial costs to the service.

We are not here to take over your service; we are here to look at how your service can achieve a higher rating, in order to deliver a high quality early childhood program to the children in your service.



First Years will implement the proposed changes from our initial Centre Review, in consultation with the service. This may be ordering age appropriate resources, working with a landscape gardener to design a new playground, etc. We do all the hard work so you and your staff are free to educate your children.

How we can assist will vary for each service and our team will use their strong knowledge of the industry to ensure that the changes being implemented are beneficial for the children and staff.

You will be kept informed every step of the way and our team of consultants will be on hand to answer any questions you may have through email and phone.

We also offer ongoing Centre Management Support.