Scores on Doors?!

Walking down my local street this week and I saw this in the window of a local café. A rating system that tells customers how the particular café has met a set of standards and regulations to achieve a certain rating. Sound familiar?

My question is that how many people would be deterred from this restaurant if they only received 2 stars? How many people would trust that the assessor had observed enough evidence to rate the restaurant as 2 stars, and therefore customers choose to go somewhere else. But do people do the same for their children when choosing an Early Childhood Service?

If we transfer the current rating system of Early Childhood Services to a similar star rating system, then services that are Working Towards meeting the National Quality Standards would only receive a 2-star rating. But do people take notice? Do operators make an attempt to try to receive more stars? What happens to services who just keep operating in the same way?

So do parents and the community take notice of the rating?

Maybe not right away, however there is a lot of media attention encouraging parents, carers and the general public to enquire about a services quality rating prior to enrolment. In 2016 two media companies, the Courier Mail and The Daily Telegraph, published news articles encouraging families to look at the services quality rating. Furthermore, a more recent article published by the Sydney Morning Herald on the 12th March 2017, is another example of how the media is drawing attention to a services quality rating.

What happens to services who just keep operating in the same way?

Working towards services need to show that they are making relevant changes and decisions in order to meet the National Quality Standards. If services cannot show that they are making adequate changes to meet the Standards, there is a possibility that a services Quality rating will be lowered to Significant Improvement Required. Also, failure to comply with the National Regulations and National Laws can bring hefty fines to your service.

So what are you doing to ensure you are reaching your fullest potential and providing a high Quality environment for children and families in your care.

Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to help you move forward. Let the team at First Years Early Childhood Consulting work with your service to ensure you are reaching your fullest potential.