Top tips for surviving the Assessment and Rating process.

First Years specialises in supporting services throughout the assessment and rating process. Although achieving the standards can be done in different ways, we have devised some top tips for those educators who may not have gone through the process before, or for those who need a refresher before their next rating.

Top Tip 1:

Be confident- you have developed your program, designed your space and organised your resources for a specific reason. Be confident in you your team’s abilities. If you are unsure about something, reflect on the reasons why you are doing it and alter accordingly.

Top Tip 2:

Offer explanations- the assessors don’t know you and your practice. Offering to explain something to them or highlighting specifics, may help them understand more clearly. Also, not all assessors have Early Childhood experience, so the more you communicate the better understanding they will have.

Top Tip 3:

You don’t need to know everything- there is nothing worse than an educator trying to bluff their way through a question. If you don’t know what the assessor is asking, it is okay to answer “I’m not sure, but I know where I can find out or who I can ask”.  Just know where the important information is located, such as policy folders, quality improvement plan and the services philosophy. This should be done through the staff orientation process. This is especially important for new educators to remember.

Top Tip 4:

Be positive about the experience- the assessors are not there to pick on you. The assessment and rating process is about making educators and services reflect on their practices. So take the assessor’s feedback on board, question where necessary and see the whole process as beneficial to you and your service’s practices.

Top Tip 5:

Know the post-assessment process – as mentioned previously, assessors don’t always have Early Childhood experience. A service holds their rating for 2 or more years, so if you honestly believe that the rating does not reflect your service, know the process to ask for a rating review. Sometimes the assessor may have missed something or other factors may have caused a disruption throughout the day. Whatever the reason, know the process.

Follow these top tips to ensure you don’t get to stressed about the assessment and rating process. For more information on the assessment and rating process or to find out more about our services, contact First Years Early Childhood Consulting today.