With the election over…

With the election over it seems that the current government will remain in power. What does this mean for our sector? Well if the Coalition policies are anything to go off, not of lot of answers are readily available. Only time will tell on how this democratic decision will impact our sector.

So, what can we do as Early Years professionals? We continue to deliver high quality education to the country’s children and advocate to our families, neighbours and wider communities until we spread the word of the importance of those first 5 years of life.

First Years Early Childhood Consulting will also continue to work towards its vision of ensuring all children in Australia have access to high quality Early Childhood environments and support all service and educators to achieve this vision.

So how do we do this?

We aim to achieve this by working closely with each centre and their educators. We attend each service, allowing us to see first-hand how each service operates and how each service works towards delivering high quality practices. From there, we provide a fresh pair of eyes and new ideas to help educators work smarter and not harder, by going back to basics.

This allows ALL educators an opportunity to reflect on their practices, ask specific questions and gain another perspective on areas they may be struggling with.

Our experience has seen our team visit services from New South Wales, to Western Australia and Victoria to Northern Queensland. We have worked with services in remote settings, to the centre of cities and everything in between.

If you feel that your service could use some professional guidance and fresh ideas, give First Years Early Childhood Consulting a call.